Designer jewellery and fashion accessories have become a part of every women hood. Today every women wants to celebrate life and women hood. Fashion jewellery and accessories play a major role in a life of women and we want to fulfill their dreams.

We have started a new Mega Stores for Fashion Jewellery and accessories. This is our first year business in Fashion Jewellery. Custom to Imitation jewellery ranging from Women’s Hair Ornaments, Necklaces, Earings, Bracelets, Bangles, Anklets, Rings, Brooches, Buttons, and Pendants. Start navigate our site now.His feel for the throbbing pulse of Chennai, and his love for a four hundred years old tradition, gave shape to this magnificent silk temple in Bangalore.

Come explore the Hema Creations Here you will find looks for all women and for all occasions – designs embodying function, fashion and fantasy. Our focus is on gorgeous one-of-a-kind contemporary jewellery and hand woven pieces – the type of jewellery known as fashion jewellery or costume jewellery but with a truly unique twist! Each exquisite piece is meticulously crafted. Here’s your chance to own a one-of-a-kind design!

Custom to Imitation Jewellery ranging from Women’s Hair Ornaments, Necklaces, Earings, Bracelets, Bangles, Anklets, Rings, Brooches and Pendants.


Our Vision:

To make every women  look  beautiful.


Our Vision:

To make Hema Creations  showrooms available all across Bangalore and to provide great shopping experience to our customers, Thereby becoming the friendliest neighborhood outlet for fashion  jewellery  and accessories at affordable prices.